How We Engage Lofty's Core Services

Web Development

Web based software designed by our team using a process inspired by our work with experienced development teams in many industries.

DevOps Consulting

We automate operations from day one on our projects. We'll use our experience to set up a development and operations workflow for your organization.

Analytics and Data Science

Build an analysis tool for your organization, build an organization on a data product, or leverage machine learning in your app. We do it all.

Featured Case Study Pipelining Business Data for Commercial Real Estate

A Fortune 500 commercial real estate services company was building a service oriented web application platform for market data analysis using Django. The platform required large quantities of data from multiple internal data silos to be ingested, processed, and loaded into API databases efficiently and programmatically.

Lofty Labs built a distributed data pipeline using Python and Celery.

The organization now has a pipeline capable of moving and manipulating tens of millions of records per day into their market statistic application APIs, powering multiple dashboards and analysis applications.

  • "The Services provided by [Lofty Labs] were instrumental in helping CBRE achieve its business goals."

    James Groch, Global CFO - CBRE, Inc.

  • "We needed an advanced customer booking system for our website that tied to our dispatch API. Lofty Labs streamlined the development and implemented a very user-friendly platform, and now our customer database has grown 60% since last month!"

    Andrew Miles, Operations Manager - Green Cab Company

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