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Data Strategy

Explore the possibilities of business driven by analytics and make a plan for your data assets.


Solve your organization's problems using data you have right now.

Software Engineering

Build an analysis tool for your organization or build an organization on a data product.

Featured Case Study Scalable Web Architecture for Machine Learning SaaS

A machine learning as a service startup built a powerful proprietary algorithm for predicting outcomes in large offline datasets. Unfortunately, their proof of concept–wrapped in a thin Flask application–could not scale beyond a single-machine, synchronous architecture.

With high-tech industrial enterprise customers eager to pilot the software in their critical facilities, MondoBrain needed a scalable application architecture in the cloud, and fast.

  • "The Services provided by [Lofty Labs] were instrumental in helping CBRE achieve its business goals."

    James Groch, Global CFO - CBRE, Inc.

  • "We needed an advanced customer booking system for our website that tied to our dispatch API. Lofty Labs streamlined the development and implemented a very user-friendly platform, and now our customer database has grown 60% since last month!"

    Andrew Miles, Operations Manager - Green Cab Company

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Data Strategy

Long-term plans to leverage data.

Natural Language Processing

Derive statistics from a corpus of text.

Sentiment Analysis

Measure the mood of human written content.

Predictive Analysis

Train models with historical data to predict the future.

Infrastructure Automation

Manage distributed software with the push of a button.

Systems Monitoring

Uptime, performance, and telemetry; tailored.

Analytics Dashboards

Visualizing complex data is key to understanding.

BI Dashboards

Watch your KPIs as they change.

Data Pipelines

Stream data into applications or intelligence tools.

Data Cleansing

Prepare your data wholesale for analysis.

Lofty Labs Data Blog

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Housekeeping Tasks that Make Development Easier and Faster

Hack Your Router with Selenium, Django and Docker

Learn how to scrape a website that has safeguards built in to prevent scraping.

Automate your AWS Resources with CloudFormation

Document, automate, and maintain your individual AWS resources as components of a larger stack.

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