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How To Prepare For Your AWS Certification Exams

Advice and tips for becoming AWS certified Continue Reading

Is a software developer also a software consultant?

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Data Science for CEOs: A Terminology Primer

Identifying Value While Wading Through a Cloudy Vocabulary Continue Reading

A Little Agile

Managing uncertainty while keeping your company culture Continue Reading

Use Your AWS Route53 Private DNS on Your Development Machine

How Private Zones and DNS forwarding can be leveraged to access AWS resources Continue Reading

The Data Narrative

5 Ways to Improve How You Translate Your Analytics into a Relevant Story Continue Reading

Scraping Election Data with Scrapy

How We Hacked Together a Local Election Dashboard Continue Reading

Auto-Generate Swagger Docs for your Django API

Django Rest Framework 3.5 added some cool new features. A particularly powerful one will generate your API's documentation for you. Continue Reading

6 Tips To Use When Kicking Off a Django Project

Housekeeping Tasks that Make Development Easier and Faster Continue Reading

Hack Your Router with Selenium, Django and Docker

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Automate your AWS Resources with CloudFormation

Document, automate, and maintain your individual AWS resources as components of a larger stack. Continue Reading

Build a Slack Bot that Mimics Your Colleagues

Fun with Markov chains and Slack's Real Time Messaging API using Python Continue Reading

The Role of Machine Learning in Legal Discovery

How NLP Can Change the Way We Build Lawsuits Continue Reading

NWA Data Science Meetup at Lofty Labs

Dr. Mike Gashler Presents on Neural Networks Continue Reading

Lofty Labs at NWA Developers Group

Casey Kinsey to present on "Building Data Pipelines with Python" Continue Reading

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