Data driven by choice.
Relentlessly result oriented.
Lofty partners with disruptive organizations create data-rich software products.

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Designing The Enterprise Platform for Precision Agriculture

Arva intelligence needed a partner that understood the challenges of operationalizing machine learning in a user friendly product. They chose Lofty.

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Engineering ROI Reporting at Scale

WEHCO Media was able to scale their marketing agencies faster after Lofty created an all inclusive tool for analysis and reporting

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How does Lofty deliver?
Our focused expertise and dedicated teams makes us uniquely effective.

Lofty IgnitionSM

Pre-development discovery, strategy, and design to get us aligned.

Rapid Product Prototyping

A minimum viable product gives us something that works, fast.

Agile Software Development

Small teams. Continue planning. Ship features. Measure success. Repeat.

Lofty Mission Control

Service disruption is not the kind of disruption we're going for.

It takes talent.

At Lofty we don't hire based on bullet points. We invest in talent, aptitude, experience, and character.

We believe in results over credentials, action over apathy, and above all else a relentless love of the craft of solving hard problems with code.

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