Lofty adds 4 to growing team, even more to come.

Daniel Lawson, Will Theiler, Trent Brew, and Chris Allen join Lofty’s growing team.

Continued business growth drives 4 new hires.

We have some exciting news to share! The Lofty team is getting bigger. Good news is welcome these days, and we think this news is pretty great. 2020 and 2021 brought a lot of changes that no one could have seen coming. Going fully remote, adopting new tools to keep everyone connected and up to speed, zoom etiquette, and a host of other things we’ll use to make us stronger going forward. But now, Lofty is looking forward to growth.

As Lofty’s growth continues to accelerate that means more team members. Through our strategic partnerships with industry leaders we have helped our clients realize exciting growth. When that is coupled with our growing new client list for 2021, that means it is time for some new faces at Lofty.

“Lofty’s laser focus on delivering world-class software requires that our people be driven and committed to success. This means we have to be as committed to intentional hiring as we are to our projects. With these new hires we are bringing in an exciting group of driven new team members who we know will help us continue to deliver great software the Lofty way.” - Tyrel Denison, Director of Engineering

One of the changes our new normal brought was a move to a fully remote team. That has allowed Lofty to find the best employees regardless of location. This ensures that we can continue to provide the level of development and service our clients are accustomed to.

“Our clients are successful and growing, that is fueling our expansion. Going remote allows us to find the best hires regardless of location. These hires allow us to continue to provide the level of service our clients have come to expect from Lofty as well as bring on our growing list of new clients for 2021.” - Casey Kinsey, Founder and CEO

Let's Meet Them!


Daniel was raised in Memphis, TN but found his way to Northwest Arkansas. He has worked on web applications for a variety of industries including higher education, shipping, safety/quality assurance, and even an art museum. He enjoys music, both listening to and creating it, as well as spending quality time with his family. Daniel brings his impressive experience and knowledge to Lofty


Will joins Lofty as a Product Owner from Florida. With over a decade of experience ensuring client success and focused teams Will keeps everyone headed in the right direction.


Trent joins Lofty from Chicago as a Software Engineer and UX Developer. He Loves Jazz, plays competitive Super Smash Bros, and helps the Lofty team deliver great work for our clients.


Chris is located in Northwest Arkansas and will be joining the team as our Director of Marketing. With marketing and communication experience across startups, retail, and cpg firms, Chris will lead the charge to bring Lofty’s proven success to even more companies.

And Lofty isn’t done growing just yet. Look for even more team members in the coming weeks. We have big plans for this year. Do you know anyone looking to work with a great team on amazing projects? Send them our way! Check the link below for our current open positions or to find out more about how we can help your organization grow.

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