Lofty Adds Solutions Architect

Lofty adds Christopher Hobbs as Solutions Architect

Lofty is proud to announce that Christopher Hobbs has joined the team as a Solutions Architect. As Lofty continues its strategic growth adding new associates with the experience, skills, and domain expertise that Christopher has is of the utmost importance. Hobbs resides in Northwest Arkansas, loves a good cup of coffee, and helping keep a good codebase situated.

“Christopher is a talented guy and we’re excited that he’s excited to be part of our team. He brings a lot of depth to our Solutions Architect role, which has become a defining component of how we build software for our partners at Lofty.”
-Lofty Founder and CEO Casey Kinsey

Adding new clients to Lofty’s already existing client portfolio requires more hands-on deck. And we are very excited for our latest team addition. Christopher is stepping into the Solutions Architect role which will leverage his vast experience in development and problem solving to ensure Lofty’s work continues to beat client expectations. It isn’t just about the code, and Christopher knows that. Having experience making, teaching, and reviewing gives him the ability to help Lofty exceed expectations and see around the corner to what’s next.

“I'm a Mercenary Janitor and Network Cowboy by trade. I've done a lot of things, for a lot of people, in a lot of places. My background is heavy in software design/development, infosec, systems/networking, and training. I'm very grateful that I've had the privilege of helping people across a wide set of problem domains.” - Christopher Hobbs

When he isn’t helping on the software team at Lofty Christopher likes to spend his time on some of his hobbies, reading, amateur radio, riding and wrenching on bicycles, target shooting, star gazing, silversmithing, go/baduk, cross-stitching, classic DOOM, home computing, hobby electronics, hiking/walking/trespassing, locksport, and whatever else catches his interest.

"Christopher's years of experience in our tech stack and beyond, as well as his many contributions to the open-source community, will be of amazing value to our clients and our team. It's always great to bring someone on that is a level up for everyone.”
-Tyrel Denison Lofty Director of Engineering.

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