Modernizing Poultry Farms with Internet Connected Feed Level Monitoring

"Lofty Labs have delivered on their work every time. I am personally pleased with the level of work, quality, and responsiveness from Lofty Labs. If you are looking for a software development partner in cloud applications, I highly recommend!"
— Edgar Cilio, CTO, Little Bird Systems


Little Bird Systems approached Lofty Labs to create a customer facing application to monitor data generated by their innovative sensors for feed bins in the poultry industry.

The team had deployed sensors on multiple farms and were storing data in a cloud database, but had no user interface for monitoring and faced large scaling challenges with their cloud architecture in the short term future.


Lofty Labs worked with the team at Little Bird Systems to re-architect their data ingestion layer to remove the overhead of VPN and direct database connections in favor of a secure REST API.

Further, the REST API became the backend upon which an interface for monitoring feed levels, paving the way for expansion into mobile applications and direct integrations for Little Bird's customers.  The API and application support an ACL model that allows for flexible governance of data access where Little Bird's employees and customers can access the data they need without compromising the confidential data of other users.

LBS On Screen


Little Bird's IoT infrastructure is now poised for massive scaling and sensors are being rolled out to multiple commercial farms.  The API powered dashboard is in use by LBS employees, farm employees, and integration partners to efficiently monitor and replenish feed levels.

Native mobile applications are now in development, taking advantage of the REST API at the architecture's core to provide consistent experience across devices.  These applications can be developed at a substantially reduced cost as they leverage a pre-existing cloud architecture and data feeds.

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