Architeching a Scalable Cloud Infrastructure for Machine Learning Services

"Lofty Labs has been an integral component of our team. We’ve achieved infrastructure and workflow scalability that consistently enables new growth."
— Greg Jennings, CTO, Mondobrain, Inc.


When MondoBrain engaged Lofty Labs they had a powerful predictive analytics algorithm and an opportunity to win France’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. MondoBrain needed to wrap their algorithm in a platform that worked around the globe and passed the most stringent of web application security audits. Further, they needed software that could stand up to the use cases of big pharma laboratories: their prototype could only predict on one dataset at a time often taking 5-10 minutes per job.


Lofty Labs consultants worked directly with MondoBrain’s staff an as extension of their team to build world-class software around their algorithms. The algorthim was moved from a single physical machine to an Amazon Web Services cloud environment wrapped in a combination of Django and Flask application layers. These layers handle the customer facing application, and the delegation of predictive analytics solve jobs, respectively.

In addition, Lofty Labs worked with MondoBrain to introduce Numba, a Python to LLVM compiler which dramatically increased prediction speeds. Leveraging these increased speeds and tools like Celery, Lofty Labs built a scalable worker pool that could handle high volumes of simultaneous predictions.


MondoBrain began a pilot program with their flagship client within two months of engaging Lofty Labs, where the software passed tests from multiple IT Security Audit firms.

The prediction solver saw speed improvements of over 5000%, and with the ability to distribute solves across a cluster of worker servers, MondoBrains prediction throughput increased over 200x on just a two machine cluster, poised to scale linnearly.

Finally, our deployment and infrastructure automation tools enabled MondoBrain to uniquely serve each of the customers they onboarded in the following year. The same MondoBrain software is now deployed in AWS US and EU datacenters as wells as a number of private cloud networks and physical appliance configurations.

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