Hi, we're Lofty, a data-driven
digital product firm.
We help Data Science teams productize their work as powerful web and mobile software.

"Lofty has been an integral component of our team. We’ve achieved infrastructure and workflow scalability that consistently enables new growth."
— Greg Jennings, CTO, Mondobrain, Inc.

We Build Products with Technology
that Compliments Your Work

Your team uses Python, Tensorflow, Jupyter, SciKit Learn, Pandas and more for data science.  Our team uses docker, kubernetes, aws, azure, elasticsearch and more for Data Engineering / Devops.  We also use Django, Vue.js, and React Native for agile app development and software engineering.

How does Lofty deliver?
Our experience working strategically with data science teams gives us an unfair advantage.

Lofty IgnitionSM

Pre-development discovery, strategy, and design to get us aligned.

Rapid Product Prototyping

A minimum viable product gives us something that works, fast.

Agile Software Development

Small teams. Continue planning. Ship features. Measure success. Repeat.

Lofty Mission Control

Service disruption is not the kind of disruption we're going for.


Our Work: Machine Learning Disrupting Precision Agriculture

We helped Arva Intelligence turn productize their machine learning algorithms into a Software as a Service product and geospatial visualization platform.

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Our Work: Implementing a Scalable Architecture for Mondobrain's Machine Learning product

Lofty designed an infrastructure to enable Mondobrain to run their ML at scale through parallel processing.

Read the full Case Study

Are You Missing These Components
of Data Product Success?
Data Driven Application Development
Data Science Grade DevOps and Automation