Why Lofty Labs?

At Lofty Labs, our software consultants work closely with your team to transform ideas into technology.

We immerse ourselves in your world so that we're aligned on one goal – to build technology that solves problems. Our mission to "be better, do better" influences everything we do, from our company culture to perfecting each product before launch.

The Lofty Labs Process

We've designed a method for building software that only takes you through the phases of development that your product requires. Our top priority is to deliver best-in-class solutions for your team – whether that means you only need strategy or the full development lifecycle with ongoing maintenance, we're here to help.

Product Scoping

High-level vision roadmap
Estimation and planning


Design sprints
Feature Documentation
Architecture documentation
Development estimation
Product backlogging
Infrastructure budgeting & planning

Development and Devops

Effort estimation
Iterative and Agile Software Develompent
Continuous Integration and Delivery

Deployment and Delivery

Training / Handoff
Deployment automation
Staging & Testing environments
On-premise installations


Monitoring and SLA
Infrastructure Scaling
Security Releases
Disaster Recovery
Usage Analysis and Feature Planning

No Magic, Just Knowledge

We believe in taking open-source into the world of business and sharing our industry knowledge with our clients. While working alongside the Lofty Labs team you'll get an inside look at how we do software development, the tools we use, and how our process will take your product to new heights.

Explore our Services

Software Product Development

Develop an idea and transform it into a product.

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AWS Consulting

Architecture, planning, and consulting services for building or migrating applications to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

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Web Development

Building great software with scalable languages and frameworks.

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Data Science

Uncovering insights and organizing huge volumes of data.


Building the bridge that connects operating systems, databases, and applications.


Automated software delivery.

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