Why Product Development?

When businesses are searching for a technical solution they're often working under a strict budget and deadline. It's tempting to choose the cheapest option with the fastest development timeline. The results are usually negative: development runs over the projected deadline, broken features, or the product doesn't account for user experience.

Software is an investment your business is making in its future. To ensure your product meets user expectations it's important to do some legwork before development starts. Clearly defined objectives lay the foundation for a successful completed project.


In our consulting sessions your key stakeholders will learn what it takes to build software your customers love:

  • Learning session to discuss your business goals and product needs
  • High-level roadmapping with our senior consultants to scope out the project
  • Holistic planning for how your project will fit into your long-term business journey

Who should participate in a scoping session?

All stakeholders. The scoping session is an enhanced method for sharing your expectations with the Lofty Labs team. Rather than having you tell us what you need, we work with you through your business objectives so that everybody is aligned on the same goals. Our team will offer advice that your team can use regardless of who takes on your project.

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Collaborative design sprint with experienced product builders.

The information collected starts with surveys and ends with refined wireframes, product architecture and a development plan:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • In-depth roadmapping
  • Product wireframes
  • Risk assessment
  • Architecture diagrams
  • Product backlog
  • Who should do Discovery?

    Discovery is most useful for businesses starting a new product or rebuilding an existing product. The discovery process is designed to improve the chances of your product being successful from initial deployment. The more research conducted before development, the more likely your product will meet business objectives.

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