Web and Mobile Application Development

Increase the efficiency of your business with custom developed software.

Web Applications

Web applications run in a browser and are accessible by your colleages and clients on any device anywhere in the world.

Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications run on your mobile device and provide data collection and retrieval opportunties in the field.

Headless Applications

Much of the world's software runs quietly in the background, silently routing phone calls, internet traffic, and managing data.

There are three primary ways we engage to build applications.


Pricing Starts at $61,578

  • Fixed Budget
  • Small Scope
  • Lofty's Process and Methodology
  • 1 Week of Discovery, 8 Weeks of Development
Large Team

Discovery Starts at $8,586

  • Fixed Scope
  • Large Scope
  • Lofty's Process and Methodology
  • 3-12 Month Timeframe
Long Term
Innovation Team

Terms Start at 6 months, with Standard Discounts at 12+ months

  • Fixed Budget
  • Large Scope
  • Integrated Into Your Team
  • Ongoing

Pricing starts at $8,586 to put your software in motion.

Let's Get Started

We build applications using open source technologies in order to deliver robust software rapidly. This is the stack we love.

App development with Python and Django
App development with Vue.js
App development with React and React Native for Mobile
App development with ElasticSearch
App development with Docker
App development with Kubernetes

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