Python and Django

We chose Python, and its framework Django, as our flagship language because it offers numerous advantages to our clients in the long-term: It quickly takes projects from discovery to launch, encourages scalability, and is exceedingly versatile.

Python's ecosystem of statistical analysis libraries and machine learning tools also makes it an ideal programming language for the intersection of web software and data science.

>>>  Why Python?

World Class Web Development frameworks

Django, Flask, Pyramid and more.


High level and performant natural language processing.


Matrix operations as fast as C without the headache of, you know, C.


Google's Neural Network framework is most commonly leveraged via the excellent Python bindings.

ScikitLearn and PySpark

Machine Learning tools for humans and distributed processing faster than Hadoop.


A web development framework born in the newspaper industry, Django is billed as the web framework "for perfectionists with deadlines". That sounds a lot like Lofty Labs. 

Django supports continued language improvement, and is a cost-effective solution that gets products to market faster. It's no surprise that Python and Django are a popular choice for top-tier companies.



There are few tools better suited for the development of robust REST APIs than Django Rest Framework. All the power and scalability of Django behind a REST compliant API can build the next Instagram.

We know, because it built the first one.

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